Zenbo – the new inteligent robot from Asus

Zenbo : the new intelligent robot from ASUS who wants to help us in any situation.

zenbo asus robot

Zenbo – the new digital assistant from Asus

Zenbo seems to be a sort of digital assistant based on artificial intelligence  transposed in a plastic case equipped with wheels, batteries and a touch screen. It can be controlled using voice commands or via a smartphone (can be controlled remotely) and seems to have a Real Sense sensor Intel (currently unconfirmed) to recognize people in the house.

Some of its capabilities are presented in video presentation bellow. It can search recipes online, interactive reading stories to children, play music and movies, Internet of Things control of devices such as smart lights and locks. ASUS promised an SDK for developers to facilitate compatibility with as many services and devices Zenbo .


The new robot from ASUS does not yet have a release date, but its price will be somewhere around $599, a price close to that of a high-end tablets. Depending on how useful it will be in daily life, and it could be the first successful robot on the market.

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