Warcraft movie has an excellent new trailer

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for the film adaptation of the Warcraft series.The one minute clip contains some very interesting scenes from the movie, full of action, magic, armies of humans and orcs running in different directions.

warcraft movie

Warcraft: The Begining

A very interesting detail here is that this movie is named in the trailer Warcraft: The Beginning, which means that most likely we will have more movies series in the not too distant future.

But there is a small discrepancy here. Even if the film is called “Beginning” is just the beginning. After all, you remember in the first game? There in that game any notion of cooperation between orcs and humans to defeat a greater evil? No, it does not exist. I remember quite well that the basic idea was the conquer everything in your path as orc, and the massacre everything in the role of man. It was not in Warcraft 2 nor in Tides of Darkness, although there were beginning to show signs that something was foul play.

Each faction was one to the other neck for most of the time, resulting in this situation the Warcraft 3 orcs when you were living as slaves in concentration camps for a whole generation. And then were on the scene really those demons of the Burning Legion.

The movie will make its appearance on the 30th of May.

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