Top 5 worst paid jobs UK

Top 5 worst paid jobs UK

Top 5 worst paid jobs in UK

Top 5 worst paid jobs UK

Top 5 worst paid jobs UK is a list that will make you feel better. If you think your job sucks and you’re not paid as much as you worth, take a deep breath ’cause things are about to get worse. Are you ready? Here we go:

5 – position number 5 is taken by the dry cleaners – those guys who are supposed to take care of your expensive clothes, are not well paid at all; thinking that they are responsible of cleaning very expensive clothes, £275/week or almost £15000/year is not much at all.

4 – number 4 is taken by the barbers – if you dream of having a barbershop, your own barbershop things could be better, but if not budy…you’re in trouble; in UK the barbers are paid with £274/week; they work hard and are facing many guests of different nationalities and culture.

3 – bar worker – if you work in a pub, your wage is not exceeding £274/week. But maybe you’re lucky and the tips make you happy.

2 – The theme park attendants are taking home around £273/week. They have to walk around the park, and be sure everything’s fine, everything’s working good, clean after the guests (you know what I mean). It’s not a hard job to do, but they’re the second worst paid people in UK.

1 – position number 1 is taken by the waiters. I know you were not expecting to read this but this is true. They are paid with £266/week, but yes, they can take tips.


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