The Hottest Girl On Instagram Iskra Lawrence

The Hottest Girl On Instagram

The Hottest Girl On Instagram – You may agree or not, but Iskra Lawrence has been declared officlay The Hottest Girl On Instagram. This is kinda awkward, not for her or for us, but for an agent who rejected her, saying her hips were too big. The funny thing is that she’s now the face of Global Lingerie Brand. See a few picture of her below:

The Hottest Girl On Instagram - Iskra Lawrence

The Hottest Girl On Instagram – Iskra Lawrence (source Iskra Lawrence Instagram)

👊🏼💪🏼✨ my first #squatvideo 😝 thank you for training me whilst I was in London @will_brownpt go check him out for my #workout tips & vids!🌟🇬🇧 so I was cautious of posting my workouts because it’s taken me four years of experimenting with different exercises & listening to my body to find out what works. Training really is such a personal thing – right now I’m just maintaining I have never dieted in my life & my advise is everything in moderation! I cook at home all the time but will treat myself because I have a sweet tooth & I train at least 3 times a week (consistency is key) 🙏🏼 so I’m only squatting light for me in this vid (approx 40kg) as I wanted to practise my technique – it’s so so important to practise your squats with a trainer and make sure your doing it right so you don’t get injuries! I’m going to post the rest of this super set over the next couple of days (I did 10reps x3 sets) if your not sweaty you need to work harder 😂😂😂 thanks for Al he love and support I’ll try and share more of my workout with you 😚💕✨

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