The new mini Tesla S for kids

Radio Flyer now makes a Tesla Model S for kids for $499 each. Pre-orders are now open and the cars will ship in May.

“This baby Model S really is quite fun,” tweeted Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. The car come in three colors: red, blue and “midnight silver metallic”, is with one seat and is for kids between the ages of three to eight. The Model S for Kids have a weight capacity of 81 pounds, tops out at 6 miles per hour and charges in just three hours, and also utilizes swappable batteries.


New mini Tesla Model S car for kids (source:

Every Tesla Model S for Kids come equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience. You choose the paint color, performance, accessories and personalization.

Personalized license plates, spare batteries or mini indoor car covers are also available for each buyer.

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