Tesla Model S autopilot prevented a crash – VIDEO

A man from Ohio has managed to avoid a dangerous accident on a highway due to autopilot system on his car, a Tesla Model S.

tesla model s autopilot

Tesla Model S Aupilot

Joshua Brown was on the first lane of the highway when a truck, whose driver never saw him, veered to the right in front of his car, trying to enter the same lane .

Immediately, the autopilot system issued an audible warning and automatically directed to the right the car, on the emergency lane, avoiding the impact . He was surprised when the chamber board installed on Tesla .

“I was not looking in that direction ( of the truck – N. E. ), but “Tessy” was on duty with the autopilot activated,” Brown wrote on his YouTube account. “Tessy” is the name he gave to his car. Joshua holds the Tesla from July 2015 and says it is the best car he has ever had.

But, there is a but, the autopilot system on Tesla didn;t always worked so well. In another recent case, when the car swerved to the right to avoid a car coming from the left, the Tesla  hit the vehicle that was in his right side. So there can be made improvements to the system to work eben better. You can watch the video of the incident bellow and we wait your thoughts on this in the comments section.


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