Check out how an Apple Watch controls a Tesla car

Watch this guy control his Tesla Model S using his Apple Watch

A couple of days ago, while heading to the office, I discovered, by mistake a video of a man talking to his Tesla car. Obviously, the video went viral. See it below:

Only seeing the video, and not having a Tesla car, it’s very hard to say what’s really happening, but now, I discovered one more video showing a guy controlling his Tesla car with an Apple watch.

We don’t know if this feature is available on all the Tesla Model S models, but we know for sure it’s available on the P85D. The name of the app is very suggestive and intuitive: Remote S. You can get it from iStore or straight from the developer.

Tesla Apple watch

Tesla Apple watch (photo credit:

As a personal opinion, I’m sure this is only the beginning of many more apps and features that can make Tesla even a greater car, than already is. I consider buying a Model S P85D in the future. The car is not cheap, but you can add or remove features, in order to get it cheaper or more expensive here.

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