The first smart bike with Android OS – LeEco Le Syvrac

Chinese electronics manufacturer LeEco presented at the EC China salon  the  Intelligent Le Syvrac bike, running Android. Le Syvrac is the world first smart bike

LeEco Le Syvrac computer smart bike

LeEco Le Syvrac smart bike onboard computer

This Mountain Bike model features a trip computer, a speaker and a built-in anti-theft system. If bikes are stolen , it transmits the permanent geographical coordinates to a smartphone app.

Moreover, the bike handles has incorporated sensors for measuring the heart rate.

The computer mounted on the bicycle is not just a smartphone stuck in there. It features a 4-inch screen, 4 GB RAM and the software is designed specifically for the Le Syvrac. It records user activity, displays weather information and also features a navigation system. It also includes a music player.

LeEco Le Syvrac smart bike

LeEco Le Syvrac Smart Bike

The smart bike made by LeEco will cost about $ 6,155. If you like the article, share with your friends on Facebook. Like our page onFacebook for many videos and news.

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