Samsung presented a foldable display

It begin to appear increasingly more rumors about a foldable display smartphone from Samsung. The smartphone was previously called Galaxy X and could be the surprise of 2016. Although we do not have many details about how this phone might look, Samsung demonstrated the technology behind it.

samsung rollable display

Samsung Rollable Display

The company announced at SID 2016 a display that can be rolled around a tube made on OLED technology, the first concrete indication about the new smartphone Galaxy X.

Although initial rumors suggested a panel with 4K resolution, the model presented, which probably will be used and who will be integrated into a finished product has a QHD display resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). It measures 5.7″ diagonally, is 0.3mm thick and weights just 5 grams. It can be bent around a tube circumference of 10 mm, so the finished device will not be very thin. The whole device (which is only a display, without the other components of a smartphone), was shown as a prototype at the moment, not necessarily as a mobile phone, and the final design may be very different.

samsung rollable display foldable

Samsung can be rolled because its very thin

As with any new technology that Samsung presents throughout the year, there is a high possibility to see the implementation very soon after presentation. Earlier this year, the company announced the photo sensor BRITECELL that then was integrated in the Samsung Galaxy S7, and only a few days ago, announced a 6 GB RAM module for smartphones, which is rumored to be integrated in the next Galaxy Note in June.

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