The Rock has launched an app to motivate fans to workout

The famous Hollywood actor launches an application for workout alerts. If you have trouble motivating you even with minor things, even if it is about waking up. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be the best one to provides the answer. The former wrestler launched The Rock Clock application.

dwaine the rock johnson

Dwayne Johnson training

The Rock Clock app (Play Store) contains 25 alarms and objectives, such as learning a foreign language or weight loss of 3 kg. Videos and messages from The Rock will be loaded into the application every day, and it can be used as an alarm by leaving the application open and activate sleep mode.

Determined fans can even switch to the next level – and  synchronize their alarms with Dwaine’s Johnson alarm! He wakes up at 4.15 am to go to the gym before filming for the new Baywatch movie where he plays the former role of David Hasselhoff.

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