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Do you remember when the first computer case that had a transparent side panel appeared on the market? They were amazing. Finally you could see what is in your PC without opening it, you could show others how well you’ve arranged wires, and now you can find such carcasses everywhere. But we will soon move on to something new. The new computer case is an interactive one with a transparent LCD side panel.

ibuypower lcd panel case computer case

iBuypower Project SnowBlind Computer case

At Computex ,  iBuypower presented a new type of computer case that instead of a banal transparent side panel has a transparent LCD side panel. The computer case is actualy a LCD side panel mounted on a NXT case and is named Project Snowblind. You can see below a presentation, a video made by PC Gamer at the event.


The LCD panel of the casing is connected to the PC via an HDMI cable, which must be attached to the video card or the motherboard, if you have a more advanced one. This screen can be used to display anything you want, basically acting as a secondary monitor, just not one too good.

The LCD screen does not seem to be able to display colors and likely does not have the greatest performance possible, so you will not be able to play CS:GO anytime soon, though surely someone will try. The resolution and refresh rate at wich it works are unknown. This panel can be used to display all sorts of useful information, such as temperatures, frequent or a slideshow with pictures of a new video card that you want to see one day in your PC.

This panel is currently compatible with the NZXT computer cases from the Noctis 450 and  H440 series. We have no information on when it will be publicly available or at what price but it looks very cool and there is a market for it.

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