Is this picture of Vladimir Putin real or fake?

These days we found on the Internet a picture of Vladimir Putin. The russian president is photographed ridding a grizzly bear. The problem with the picture is: is the image a real photo of Vladimir or it is just a fake, photoshopped picture.

putin ridding a bear

President Vladimir Putin ridding a bear?

However, it seems that the picture is fake . Those who had edited image took a picture of Vladimir riding a horse. After they pulled the horse , they added color corrected image of the bear and have it look real .

Below is the source picture of the russian president.  Other than the bear one being horizontally flipped and color corrected, they are identical:


President Vladimir Putin ridding a horse in the Urals

So what is your opinion? Is this edited image a good one? Share what you think about this in the comments section bellow.

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