OnePlus 3 smartphone will be launched this summer

The chinese company OnePlus has always done things differently. While the major manufacturers of smartphones launching high-end terminals on the market at prices above 600 dollars, and the company sold terminals with comparable features at lower prices. Its only drawback has always been the lack of stock, so users can order by invitation only on phones in order to control the flow units. It seems that with the new OnePlus 3 the invitations system will remain just a bad memory.


OnePlus 3 smartphone will be launched this summer

The company today confirmed that the third OnePlus flagship model will be the first of its portfolio, launching in the classical style, and it will be commissioned without an invitation. Moreover, it seems that all future products that the company will launch will give up the invitations system. Why OnePlus afford now to offer for sale direct new phones is that in the two years of existence, the company has greatly increased, the three smartphones launched so far and accessories from the online store can provide an income stream which to cover the cost of mass production of the new devices.

The company seems to be more mature in 2016 than in 2014, which turned to all kinds of controversy to popularize products . Fortunately , evolution has brought itself and higher costs of production, the price is still beneficial for OnePlus products .

The company is preparing the release of OnePlus 3 on June 14 , in an event that will be broadcast online in VR . The company also supplied tens of thousands of free VR headsets fans in the United States and India to ensure that a greater number of potential customers will be present when revealing its new smartphone top.

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