Muhammad Ali, world boxing legend, died at 74 years old

The world’s famous boxer Muhammad Ali died on Friday night after being hospitalized for respiratory problems. The drama experienced by the one of  the most beloved athletes in the world.


Muhammad Ali vs Evan Carmichael fight

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was hospitalized because of respiratory problems, said on Thursday, a spokesman for the former heavyweight champion, told AFP. But he died just one day after being hospitalized, reports CNN.

Ali, aged 74, was hospitalized Thursday in an hospital in Phoenix, Arizona city where he lives a good part of the year.

‘After 32 years fighting against Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali died at the age of 74 years”, said spokesman Bob Gunnell.

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Muhammad Ali Collage

“It’s a sad day in life. I loved Muhammad Ali, Ali was my friend and he will never die”, said Don King, who promoted some of the most important matches of the former boxer.

Ali suffered for more than 30 years of Parkinson’s disease and was hospitalized twice at the end of 2014 and early 2015 for pneumonia and urinary tract infection.

Born Cassius Clay, the Olympic champion in Rome in 1960, he began his professional career that same year, becoming the WBA world champion in 1964 after he defeated Sonny Liston by knockout in the 7th round.

Undisputed King of the heavyweight class, nicknamed the “The Greatest”, he shocked the United States by refusing to serve in the army and fight in the Vietnam War because of his religious beliefs .

He was imprisoned , stripped of titles and banned from boxing for three years and a half before again become world champion in 1967, uniting the WBA and WBC titles with victory by knockout (round 8) in front of George Foreman in a match in Kinshasa, Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo).

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Muhammad Ali – The Greatest

He lost the title to Leon Spinks on February 15, 1978, but it recovered in the rematch on September 15 the same year.

Muhammad Ali ended his professional career after a defeat to Trevor Berbick on December 11, 1981, at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau.

He was a legend and bellow is a shot clip of his amazing speed in the ring.


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