Lenovo presents two flexible devices: CPLUS and Folio

Flexible phones and tablets are very close, and Lenovo will be one of the first companies to bring such devices on the market. Rumors lately suggests that Samsung will launch such devices in the coming months, but Lenovo has already presented two flexible display devices at the Techworld event. These are called Folio and CPLUS and submit new designs for future tablets and smartphones.

lenovo cplus

The new bendable Lenovo C Plus

CPLUS is a smartphone that can be bent and be worn at hand like a bracelet. It is equipped with a flexible display and looks like a very long phone when erect. It is equipped with a speakerphone for calls, front camera and camera on the back , and the casing is made from metal and rubber, so it can be bent. It is not clear what lies within the housing, and those from Lenovo refused to let those attending the conference to use this model since it was just a prototype that could succumb to heavy use.

Along with the flexible CPLUS smartphone, Lenovo also brought Folio, a tablet that can turn into a phone. It looks like a typical tablet at first glance, the only evidence to suggest that is a more special are the camera and speaker that are located in unusual positions. The device can be bend in half to be turned into a smartphone screen offering access to various new buttons when folded. On the sidelines, the display interface resembles Samsung’s Edge, and on the back appear to be using the same hinges we ‘ve seen in the last series of Yoga laptops from Lenovo.

The two devices are only concepts but the technology requires improvement before reaching the hands of consumers.

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