Lamborghini on fire filmed in Chelmsford

The moment a Lamborghini turned into a fireball after a supposed impact was filmed with a mobile phone.

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Lamborghini on fire in Chelmsford, England

A man who passing Saturday night, on Princes Street , in Chelmsford , England, captured the moment of the explosion and saw how the luxury sports car is comprised by flames instantly . He took the phone out and started filming.

The man, who posted footage on social networks, said: “I can feel the heat from over here”, while approaching. The car although on fire had the headlights still on.

Leaved the car window down and started filming, while passing by the fire.


Lamborghini Murcielago

Police confirmed that a crew of firefighters was sent to the scene but could not save the car – one of the most expensive in the world. Also, authorities said inside the car there was no person. On social networks have been published photographs taken by other people who were passing through the area. The comments on Facebook said that the Lamborghini seemed to be abandoned, because no one was near.

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