What is the price of a punch received from Jeremy Clarkson?

The conflict between Jeremy Clarkson and Oisin Tymon, the bullied Top Gear producer, was officially extinguished. The price of peace is 126,000 euros and an official apology.


Pooowwwweeerr – Clarkson’s catch phrase

March 4 2015 will remain a dark reminder for Top Gear fans. On this day, Jeremy Clarkson lost his temper and hit one of the shows producers, Oisin Tymon. This tantrum made ​​history because it led to the disintegration of the team and the departure of Clarkson , Hammond and May.

The three then signed a contract for three seasons for a new car show with Amazon. Top Gear has licked his wounds and hired a large team of celebrities.


Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

Nearly a year after the incident, Jeremy Clarkson has managed concludes its accounts with the complainant Oisin Tymon , who has sued him for abuse. Apparently the punch and the swearing costs Clarkson £ 100,000, the equivalent of 126,000 euros, and a public apology . Unofficial sources argue that it is a much larger material compensation, which will never be made ​​public.

In a press statement, Clarkson said: “I want to apologize once again, to Oisin Tymon publicly for the incident and what followed. I want to reiterate that he is not guilty for what happened. I want to be clear that the abuses that underwent after the incident has no guarantee and I’m sorry he had to go through that. I am pleased that this issue is resolved. Oisin has always been a creative part of Top Gear and I wish him success in his future projects.”

jeremy clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson testing a car on Top Gear

Oisin Tymon will return to work at BBC after several months it was far from the TV station. His lawyer said that “the process is over and Oisin is happy to leave behind this problem. Oisin appreciates the support received lately, including from the BBC. Because of the support received he will remain dedicated to his work of creation in the BBC.”

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