Jeremy Clarkson had a car accident. The photo of the accident

British 55-year-old posted on his Twitter account a photo in wich we can see the twisted metal of a car, accompanied by the message:”We had ‘a little’ accident today on set.” Clarkson is believed to be in Barbados where he is filming.


Jeremy Clarkson

Although Jeremy did not provide more details, he most likely escaped without any scratches, writes The Guardian.

The crowd remained confused about the accident, many wondering if Jeremy Clarkson was even driving and where did it happen. That’s because, lately, the former star of BBC published on social networks a series of pictures taken in Barbados.

Jeremy Clarkson, the former star of the show “Top Gear,” which ended it’s  collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2015, after a violent argument with Oisin Tymon manufacturer, will produce a new show for Amazon.

clarkson 1

The wrecked car – the only victim in the crash

In July last year, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, former presenters of the show “Top Gear” made public the fact that they are preparing a new automotive show, which will run from 2016, on the online platform Amazon Prime owned by the Amazon group.

Today, he was filmed alongside James May and Richard Hammond. The three were in a highly modified Mercedes driven by Jeremy. The Mercedes was modified with off-road suspension and had huge rims like the ones used by american on their how cars. Jeremy, Hammond and May were filmed in Surrey where it seems like a they where filming for their new show.

You can watch the video with the three presenters bellow, and we expect your opinion in the comments area.

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