A Galaxy S5 survived for seven months outdoors after being lost in an orchard

The Galaxy S5 was the first Samsung flagship smartphone that was waterproof and dustproof. Bae Gyu – Ryong, a 70 year old man from South Korea, lost his phone seven months ago in his figs orchard. He searched for the phone several days, but failed to find it, because the terminal was silenced, and the Android Device Manager service was not set.

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 – first waterproof smartphone from Samsung

Over seven months after Gyu – Ryong found the S5 smartphone he accidentally lost. The phone was wet and had gone through a winter. Once it has dried, the user was suprised to see that the phone works flawlessly.

I was surprised to see that the smartphone, which has passed through rain and snow, is one hundred percent functional” said Bae.

Meanwhile, the man had bought another phone, but managed to recover all the pictures and data he had on the Galaxy S5 with ease.

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