Fernando Alonso crashes at the Australian Grand Prix

Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, the double world champion of Formula 1, said he was “happy and grateful” that he survived the horrifying accident he had Sunday morning on the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, at the Grand Prix of Australia, the first race of the 2016 season.

fernando alonso

McLaren-Honda monopost driver by Fernando Alonso

The McLaren monopost piloted by Fernando Alonso hit the team Haas monopost driven by Mexican Esteban Gutierrez. The monopost driven by the spaniard was totally destroyed after it rolled several times and hit the protection barriers on the side of the track.

“I’m alive because the security of Formula 1, the team, and  the International Automobile Federation and very strict security rules,” said Alonso.

“It was a terrible accident. I was aware of what was going on, but I could not do anything. In this case you have to rely on chance or on the machine. I was lucky and now I am happy and grateful. I lost the car because of damage, but I am glad that I can talk to you,” told Alonso to the reporters present at the Australian race.

Fernando Alonso has stated that it is difficult to determine who is responsible for this accident. “Honestly, I do not think Gutierrez is guilty. It’s hard to judge. I tried to overtake him as soon as possible and I was right behind his aileron. It was a combination of circumstances, “the McLaren driver said.

The dramatic incident between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Gutierrez happened on the race’s 17th lap.

Australian Grand Prix in Formula 1 ended with the victory of German Nico Rosberg, followed by his teammate at Mercedes, Briton Lewis Hamilton, the reigning world champion.

You can watch the crash in this youtube video before it is removed. If such an accident would have happen in the pas years Alonso wouldn’t had a chance, so he is lucky to be alive.

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