Enter to see Beyonce’s latest crazy thing

Beyonce launches this month a collection of clothes for the gym , so she prepared a promotional video that captures everyone’s attention.


Ivy Park by Beyonce

In the movie also appears Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s daughter on a walk back through the park where she used to jog and train in childhood. This combination resulted in the name of the collection – “Ivy Park”.

Beyonce says she loves sports clothes , but that is up to them to make their own liking, because they did not find something to suit them and that feels really good. The collection will be available in stores and online starting April 14.

“When I wake up, my dad knocked on the door and told me to go out jogging. While running , I thought of my dreams, the sacrifices that my parents have done for me . I was thinking about my little sister who saw as her idol.” This is honestly the best news we’ve ever heard and we cannot wait to SHOP the collection. What do you guys think of this amazing news?

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