99% of people are suffering of “burnout”! You are one of them!

Do you suffer from “burnout”?

According to wikipedia a burnout is some kind of psychological stress and is very often characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm or motivation. See below a few signs that you might be suffer from it.

Signs you suffer from burnout

Signs you might be already suffering of the disease are not very hard to spot!

Signs you suffer from burnout

  1. Constantly asked about your feelings – if your colleagues in the office, your friends and family are constantly asking you about your feelings is a sing that others are picking up on your misery;
  2. Feeling free Friday at work;
  3. Inconsistent sleep – if you can’t sleep because you might have forgot to do something at work is one more sign you already suffer from the disease;
  4. Unable to relax – finding yourself unable to relax when doing typically relaxing things is one more sign you suffer;
  5. Over complaining – over complaining to your partner is definitely a sign and definitely not a good option to treat it. These are your problems and should stay like this. It’s normal to discuss things like this with your partner but over complaining, will bring more bad things in your life;
  6. Every day is a bad day.

Preventing burnout

Here are a few tips of how to prevent the disease:

  1. Start the day with a relaxing ritual;
  2. Start to eat healthy, do sport, sleep more;
  3. Set boundaries, goals;
  4. Learn how to control stress.

If you already suffer from burnout

  1. Slow down;
  2. Get support – but as I said above, your problems are yours;
  3. Reevaluate your goals;

Known people who suffered from this disease:

  • Floor Jansen of Nightwish.
Floor Jansen suffered from burnout just before her debut in Nightwish

Floor Jansen suffered from burnout just before her debut in Nightwish

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