CloudFlare Is The Company That Protects Donald’s Trump Websites

CloudFlare Is The Company That Protects Donald’s Trump Websites

A while ago, Anonynous decided to declare total war to Donald Trump. They promised they will go against him and they will attack all his websites, on 1st of April 2016. More than that they decided to ask everyone with a computer to attack Trump’s websites. More than that, 3 days ago, Anonymous posted as a comment to their video, many personal details, like Donald Trump’s birth certificate, home and business phone number, Donald Trump’s cell phone number, his e-mail addresses. we will not post them here, but you can get to see them only by going to youtube’s  comment section of the video below. Let’s watch the declaration of total war, Anonymous posted online:

But, the company that protects Donald Trumps of electronic attacks is not to worried about what’s going to happen on 1st of April. They see DDoS attacks every single day, and that’s not a new thing for them, if Anonymous decide to DDoS attack Trump’s websites. “DDoS attacks are not particularly sophisticated cyber attacks,” Matthew Prince, CEO and cofounder at Cloud Flare said. “They are sort of the functional equivalent of a caveman with a club.”

Cloudflare Is The Company That Protects Donald's Trump Websites

CloudFlare Is The Company That Protects Donald’s Trump Websites

Prince is not worried at all and even explains why: “The solution to that is to have bigger pipes than the attackers do. CloudFlare has over 10 terabits capacity across our network, and the largest attacks that we see, usually among nation-states, get up to about one-half a terabit.”

We must say that one of Trump’s websites that are not protected by Cloud Flare service ( was already taken down on Wednesday by Anonymous. When asked what will happen on 1st of April, Matthew Prince added: “My hunch is it will not be particularly different than most days. Again, attacks against our network are frequent. Unless someone comes up with something radically new, we can typically solve those issues.”

From my point of view, I don’t think Anonymous will go for a DDoS attack, and maybe this could be just a diversion.

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