Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare first official trailer

The first trailer of Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Infinite was revealed.

call of duty infinity warfare

Call of Duty – Infinity Warfare

The sequence confirm what we already knew about the game. It will take place in a distant future when mankind has already established colonies on other planets in the solar system, or at least the moons of Saturn. There will be battles in conditions of zero gravity, and you will have the possibility to “steer” a ship (in the sense that you ever piloted something new in the las decade of Call of Duty), and you will have a hook for hanging enemies, there will be exoskeleton and numerous other things that looks very interesting.

The Infinite Warfare trailer  includes sequences for the updated version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game will be released on November 4, and more details will be announced during the next days.

The Infinity Ward studio has also made a short documentary for what the series represents for them.


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