Battlefield 1 was announced. Enter to see the trailer

Electronic Arts and DICE have revealed the latest game in the Battlefield series, titled Battlefield 1. Why? The two reasons that will become very obvious in the next few seconds.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Game Poster

The first Battlefield game was called  Battlefield 1942, so the number 1 is virtually unused in the series. More important than that, the game will take place during the First World War. The announcement was not very generous with information, but was accompanied by this trailer of Battlefield and it is a very interesting one.


The game will take place in an alternative history in World War I, but one full of action. Crimson Skies series’ fans at this moment probably can think of only one thing, namely the ability to participate in multiplayer battles with 64 players, in wich some of those players who will be in zeppelins and the rest in airplanes. They did not mention if the zepelins will be in multiplayer, but at least they are in the singleplayer campaign.

A campaign will be told from several points of view, but the multiplayer will remain the focal point. Battlefield 1 will include infantry, primitve tanks, cavalry and many other interesting things that we have not really seen in FPS quite a while now.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 – zeppelins and flamethrowers

The game will be released on 21 October, and traditionally is already available to preorder in numerous variants, one of which has even priced at 80 euros, where you will find a variety of DLC.

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