Apple offers an expiry date for the iOS and OSX devices

Electronic devices nowadays seem to have an “expiration date” and after a few years they become almost unusable. Although no company directly says that a smartphone can not provide a good user experience more than 2-3 years, the truth is that users have discovered this on their own iOS devices lately. It seems that Apple is reluctant to provide this expiry date, but it was hidden in a place that few see: details about how the company protects the environment.

Among recycling policies and methods that Apple generates and uses energy, Apple provides some information about the expected time of use for their devices. It seems that for iOS devices and Watch category items, like the iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple Watch, the life time expected to work for three years before users replace them with newer generations.

phil-schiller-iphone-prices ios devices

Paul Schiller – Iphone prices

For products equipped with OS X and tvOS ( iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and Apple TV) company says that they should operate optimally for about four years. These statistics do not take into account recycling, refurbishing and selling products, but confirms that there are so-called “planned obsolence”. It seems that three or four years is the plan for software support of these devices , many devices being left behind by newer versions of operating system.

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