9 Thing to Do Be a Millionaire by 30

9 Thing to Do  Be a Millionaire by 30

9 Thing to Do  Be a Millionaire by 30 – first of all, this is not a tutorial of how to be a millionaire by 30. In this article you’ll find a few steps that will help you develop you mentality and help you be a millionaire. Here we go:

  1. Focus on earning – yes, on the most important steps is to focus on your earnings. You’ll not be a millionaire earning 35 k/y, but it’s a good start; focus on how to increment your income, and keep repeating on that.
  2. Save to invest  – Save to invest, don’t save just…to save. Save the money, secured them in different accounts, don’t use those money, not even for emergencies.
  3. Ask for help – don’t let your ego to stand in your way. Sometimes, even if the help cost money, this ca push you ahead.
  4. Be decisive  – conserve your mental power, take easily reversible decisions as soon as possible when needed.
  5. Show up – don’t show off! You have to be known for your ethic, not for the things you buy.
  6. Know when to take risks and know when to act – sometimes you’ll have to take decisions without knowing what’s on the other side of the road.
  7. Dream BIG – one of the biggest financial mistake you can ever make is not to think BIG enough. There’s enough money on this planet, few people that think big enough!
  8. Master soft skills and cooperate – you’ll get millionaire only by dealing with different people, therefore you have to master soft skills, learn how to deal with people.
  9. Invest in yourself –  consume knowledge like air! read at least 30 minutes / day, listen to relevant podcasts when you’re getting back home from work.
9 Thing to Do Be a Millionaire

9 Thing to Do Be a Millionaire (source: careerealism.com)

Dream BIG and dare to FAIL, we dare you to do that. Be confident and follow your biggest dream. Don’t forget to like and share this with your friends on Facebook.

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