5 tricks to save money

If you are a big spender then you always have money issues. Here are five tips and tricks to save money. To stop spending pointless money you have to make a few changes to yourself. Small tweaks in your behavior cam have a significant impact, so you should allways be looking for tricks and tactics that help you.

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Here are a few of my favorites:

5. Give it a minute

Spend a few minutes every day checking your finances. It’s preferably to do this at the same time every day. You can check your bank accounts, pay your bill and check for incorrect charges.

4. Get in your face

Don’t avoid making your math. Use a banking app or use the sticky notes. Use something you are used with. Just do the math and use your money right.

3. Use calendars

How do you remember your friends birthdays? Right….  with the use of a calendar. Use a calendar to note when to pay bill, make payments, anything that happens every month. For example, I use Google Calendar, where I set recurring allerts for all my financial tasks.

2. Go first

Determine how much you want to put aside and save the amount. Don’t spend what you need and then save what left over at the end of the month

1.Take victory laps

It’s hard to stay motivated when youhave long-term goals. Set smaller goals and divide the long-term goal in steps. Celebrate each milestone until you reach your long-term goal.

Bonus to save money

Think twice or let it pass a few days before you decide to buy something. You are going to realize that probably you don’t need the thing so much. Don’t spend impulsively. You are going to regret after.

So don’t hesitate! Save money today!

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