5 simple tricks to a happy life

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5 tricks to a happy life

Everyone is trying to be happy and have a good happy life. With small changes anyone can improve their life. Change can be a good thing. Changing the routine can really revitalize life. You can really boost your happiness in your everyday life.

Too often we forget that happiness takes practice, but the good news is that small things can make a big impact on your sense of well-being.

These are the five small things you can do to increase your happiness:

1. Start each day in a positive note

After you wake up you can set the tone for the rest of the day. Start each day with a quiet moment or any other activity that helps you to tune your feelings for the day.

2. Focus

Really focus on your feeling of joy throughout the day. What you focus on gets stronger. Focus on what’s going well in your day.

3. Think of what actually makes you happy

This is a no-brainer but you actually think on what makes you happy. What brings you the most pleasure and happiness? Is it time by yourself? Or time with others? A home-cooked meal or take-out and a movie?

4. Learn to say “Thank you”

Express your gratitude. Thank your partner, your child, your coworker. Showing gratitude will make you appreciate your life and think more positive. This will reinforce your positive behavior as well as the positive feeliing.

5. Appreciate what you have

Slow down, take a break and savor the good parts of your life. Take the time to notice what’s around you on your daily walk or drive. The more present you can be to what you’re experiencing, the better.

Life is always a mix of things. No matter how bad a day seems, there’s always something in it that’s positive. Use the list above to help you focus in on the good that’s present in life’s daily events. These simple things can add up quick and drastically increase your happiness.

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