The 5 most bizarre natural phenomena you won’t believe actually exist

Here are a few natural phenomena that prove nature is probably just messing with our heads.

  1. Door to Hell, Turkmenistan


Door to Hell (source:

The ‘Door to Hell’ is a natural gas field that has been burning continuously since it was discovered in 1971.

2. Crooked trees, Poland

crooked_pine_trees-bizzare nature

Crooked trees, Poland (source:

Bizarre natural phenomena: these crooked pine trees are part of a collection of 400 whose trunks are bent to the north in one forest in north-west Poland.

3. Flowers in Death Valley

Flowers in Death Valley-bizzare-nature

Flowers in Death Valley (source:

Thanks to unusual torrential autumn rainfalls, a rare super bloom of wildflowers has been known to take place in the winter season in Death Valley National Park.

4. Rainbow eucalyptus aka rainbow gum, Hawaii

Rainbow eucalyptus-bizarre

Rainbow eucalyptus (source:

Rainbow eucalyptus-2

Rainbow eucalyptus aka rainbow gum  (source:

 Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, darkening and maturing to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.

5. Christmas Island crabs

Christmas Island crabs

Christmas Island crabs (source:

Each year an estimated 43 million land crabs migrate to lay their eggs in the ocean. Authorities close most of the island’s roads during the migration, which normally takes at least a week.

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