5 good reasons to take a break at work

Time for a Break

Time for a Break

5 good reasons to take a break at work

There are very good reasons take a break at work, and you health is one of them. In America only one in five takes a lunch break. The risk of stroke and heart diseases is greater than ever. As a matter of fact the workweek can easily count 55 hours for some.

Need more reasons? Read this:

1. It makes you more productive

Even if you don’t think this is true a team of scientist made a survey in 2014. The workers who took breaks had the highest performance. The survey showed that the best workers were the ones that took about 17 minutes worth of breaks every 52 minutes of work.

2. Creative ideas

Taking breaks can de-stress and ideas can come more easily. A break can get into a state of flow. A simple conversation with a friend or co-worker can also be a jumpstart

3. Physically health

As we sad in the first paragraph, workers who stayed at work 55 hours per week had a 33 percent greater risk of stroke and a 13 percent risk of heart disease than people who worked 35 to 40 hours. Don’t stay at the office, go jogging or for a walk.

4. See your friends

Staying at the office all day long can be very deppressing especially without breaks. Some of the best breaks are the ones with your coworkers. Tell a joke, learn something new, talk about the weather. This can boost you mood and your potential to have new ideas.

5. You don’t have to leave office

You don’t have to leave office building, just walk outside. A short walk reduces fatigue and reduces the chance of depression. Short walks are incredibly effective, or even better, have a coffee with a coworker. Experts say this can boost happiness and just thing at the smell of fresh coffee.

Happy Working after taking a break

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