5 cheap decorating tricks for renters

Do you remained without ideas and you need some cheap decorating tricks? With a little imagination and few money you can add instant style to any decor. If you can’t paint your walls you always can make some tricks to freshen up your home.

1. Add some color to your furniture.


Colored chairs (source: buzzfeed.com)

2. Hanging solutions


Variety of hanging solutions (source: thediplomaticwife.com)

Nice trick to hanging without drilling or damaging the walls.

3. Distinctive Pillows

Cheap And Easy Decorating Tricks

Distinctive Pillows (source: countryliving.com)

Cheap decorating tricks

Embellishments distinctive pillows

4. Amplify Your Space


Amplify your space (source: countryliving.com)


Large mirror (source: the15thdistrict.com)

A single well-placed mirror has the power to make a small room seem larger.  The trick is to place large mirrors in strategic spots so that they will reflect lots of light and space.

5. Wall Art


Wall art (source: bloomingdales.com)


Decorative dishes to create an piece of art (source: bloomingdales.com)

Can’t afford expensive art or wallpaper? Transform a drab wall by hanging a quilt or an interesting textured fabric. Or, get creative and use decorative dishes to create an piece of art!

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