3 ways to improve your internet security

Internet security.

That’s a hard one. How to stay safe? Internet security is important because everybody uses internet today and is being harder and harder to be secure and to stay virus-free. More and more users complain of virus infections. Everyone faces an increase array on attacks on our  security and privacy.
So, let’s start:





1. Updates

I know you are lazy but, yes there’s a but, you have to update your software to the latest version. Most of the time the software updates you receive are just security patches.

This said I’ve just updated my Windows 10 and Chrome, and I’m still waiting for th 6.0 marshmallow update on Android.


old software

Old buggy software

2. Remove old software


The next think on my list is old (and buggy) software. If there are programs that you don’t use anymore on your computer just remove it. There is no point on keeping them installed. It’s just a sign for HACK ME. And don’t lie to yourself, you are not going to use them in the future. Old programs will remain installed and more than sure is that you will forget them.





3. Passwords

Passwords – the most important thing everyone is ignoring. Some use a pasword generator to generate and keep paswords. I personally use a few complex passwords, and I keep them noted on a paper notebook. Usually I remember all of them but just in case I have them noted.

Bottom line, be safe and secure. If you browse internet with care and don’t click on shady links or commercials you should be just fine.


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