3 Awesome High Tech Ski Gadgets

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Gadgets can improve anything, even ski. There are gadgets for anything and anywhere and ski is not excluded. A day on te slopes can be spectacular. You can use gadgets like a action cam when you go skiing, or you can use your smartphone to track you ski day. There are GPS trackers or smartphone app to see and analize how your day on the slopes was.

3 High Tech Ski Gadgets

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet ski

POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet

1. Bluetooth Helmet

This POC Receptor Bug Communication Helmet can be bought on Amazon. It has built-in Beats headphones. You can use it to make and take phone calls and listen to you favorite music as you are plowing through snow. It offers state of the art punctue and impact protection. The helmet featurea two shells overlapping each other. It has ventilation panels to keep your hear from overheating but the panels can be closed the temperaatue are dropping. In the package you will also fing a detachable goggles clip and a bankers brim.

BEARTEK Snow Glove Kit Phone Module ski

BEARTEK Snow Glove Kit Phone Module

2. Bluetooth Gloves

Everybody has gloves. Some have even more pair depeding on the use. I personally have a pair of winter gloves in my backpack (only in winter) a pair in the car just to be safe and a pair for when I go skiing. This Beartek Snow Bluetooth Gloves look like ordinary ski gloves but they have interchangeable bluetooth modules. The modules let you use your phone or camera (only GoPro for now). It has buttons on each finger and you can contol power, music, photos, phone calls and a lot more. It is very usefull but you wll have to practice before going on the slopes.

sony azi1 mini cam ski

Sony AZ1 Mini Action Cam

3. Action Camera

There are a lot of action cameras  on the market with prices that can reach and go over $500. A good action camera that is weather proof can easily go over budget.This Sony AZ1 Action Cam Mini is a affordable solution at $250.It has a great sensor for HD video and a smartphone app. The waterproof and shockproof cases are included in the package.

So, what gadgets do you use when you go skiing? What other gadget do you use?

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