10 Ways to Be More Productive

Most of us like to work from home because we feel more productive. But there is a catch, working from home has it’s own disadvantages. There are 10 steps to be more productive when working from home.

working from home

Working from home – How to be more productive

10. Get dressed

I know that the pajamas, but getting dressed helps a lot because you trick yourself on thinking that you are at work.

09. Walk to work

Walk a few minutes around the block in the morning. A little exercise didn’t killed anyone.

08. Take Breaks

Take breaks just like you would at work. You can take mini exercise breaks but be carefull, don’t take to many or to long breaks.

07. Have the right tools

You should have a good internet connection, a VPN is absolutely necessary and a conferencing tool.

06. Keep family or friends from disturbing you

No need to explain this one. It’s hard to do your job when someone is disturbing you every few seconds.

05. Block all disturbances

Don’t watch TV, don’t listen to radio, don’t look all day at cat GIFS.

04. Create a work enviroment

Use a desk in a quiet room where you can concentrate and where you can avoid disturbances. Also having he right lighting and desk setup helps.

03. Use your work PC

Being connected to your work help a lot because you can take a short walk to the coffee shop, take a coffee and work a half an hour from there.

02. Stop working

Respect the working hours and don’t do overtime from home. Just relax and enjoy.

01. Create a routine

I found that creating a routine helped me do more work  related stuff just by being methodical.


Image source: upwork.com

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